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Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles are also called mixing tubes or focusing tubes which are replacement waterjet spare parts mainly installed in waterjet cutting machines like OMAX, WARDJet, KMT, Flow, AccuStream, etc. And they can cut materials such as metal, ceramic, stone, glass, and other materials.

Mixing Tube

To Supply Capabilities Equal To Or Better Than

“RocTec 100 nozzles and RocTec 500”.

Five years have elapsed since we began this program of development. This period includes more than two years of testing in waterjet cutting shops across the China.

However, our well-known development engineer, Mr. Xie Chau Mao personally worked with a famous brands of mixing tube , for eight years in the 2014’s to develop their abrasive jet nozzles which are now used worldwide. That development reduced nozzle prices from $250 to a very low price.

Our Company Focus on Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles for 8 years already.

Used New Generation Carbide Material Since Jan, 2022 that Development 2 years together With the University.

Production Is Military Industry Standard GJB9001, Quality Is More Stable A Lot Than Civil Standard ISO9001.

Production Live Photos

Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet

We Have a Full Line Of Mixing Tube To Reduce Your Cost

Mixing Tube Waterjet

Test Working Time - 150~180 Hours

Our Comprehensive Test Woking Time Is 150~180 Hours By OMAX Waterjet Machines, Below Are Testing Parameters.

80# Grit Garnet
Working Pressure 40,000PSI~47,000PSI
1800 Meters/Hour
0.04" Nozzle
Mixing Tube Waterjet

Technology Tips Of Working Life

1. Whether the inner diameter of the orifice and the inner diameter of the mixing tube is 1: 3, for example, the inner diameter of the mixing tube is 1.02mm, and the inner diameter of the orifice should be 0.3mm. In this way, the wear from the wall is minimal.

2. The size and quality of the garnet. Excessive and impure waterjet garnet will accelerate the wear of the waterjet nozzles.Dirty, hard, and insufficiently filtered water can easily destroy the nozzles under ultra-high pressure, and the emitted water can scatter and quickly damage the inner wall of the mixing tube.

3. The main influencing factor is the concentricity of the orifice and the mixing tube. Even if there is only a very small deviation of the concentricity, it will also cause the tilt of the water column, which directly impacts on one side of the inner wall of the mixing tube, thus quickly wears out the tube and at the same time will cause weak cutting and slow down the cutting speed.

Mixing Tube Waterjet

About Us

Zonsan Precision, established in 2015, We offer customized precision spare parts services for waterjet cutting machines.

ZONSAN Focusing on one-stop service for the design, processing of waterjet consumables parts . We has precision press workshops, including 5 punches machine, 6 sets Precision Drilling machines, 8 Sets CNC machines, 10 Sets Grinding Machines and other machines around 46 sets.

The tolerance can be up to +/-0.5um, the roundness can be +/-0.3um, and the surface roughness can reach the mirror surface Ra0.04.

Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet
Mixing Tube Waterjet

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Mixing Tube Waterjet

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